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JULIAN HETZEL / Stichting ism & heit
is looking for a freelance production manager as of December 2019.

Autumn Intensive @ HJS

Ballet: Simon de Mowbray
Contemporary & open partnering class: Nuhacet Guerra (new at HJS from WimVandekeybus/Ultima Vez)


Victor Rottier: SLAM!
Keren Rosenberg: Body-House
Michael Schumacher: Improvisation and Instant Composition

The classes are open to dancers of advanced/professional level and  no pre-registration is necessary.  5 or 10 class cards and Heavy Users Passes (30 days unlimited)  can be paid for online  at the registration desk in the studio.  Single classes must be paid for at the registration desk.  For workshops  you need to pre-register on the site and then send a CV. A selection is made on the basis of the CVs (usually we choose a mix of professionals and students) and then payment must be made.  Workshops are of different lengths in terms of number of days and amount of hours.
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Open Call Makersdag & Spoormakers Festival februari 2020

Op maandag 10 februari 2020 organiseert Het Huis Utrecht voor de zesde keer op rij de Makersdag. Op deze dag bieden we een podium aan jonge en beginnende theater-, performance- en dansmakers om hun werk te presenteren aan een grote groep professionals. Daarnaast is er de mogelijkheid om (gevestigde) makers, programmeurs, fondsen, PR-medewerkers en producenten te ontmoeten.

Aansluitend vindt op 11 en 12 februari het Spoormakers Festival plaats.

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Open Call Wildlife

Wildlife is an on-going series of contingent and irregular happenings at Goleb Project Space in Amsterdam.

You can always approach us with ideas for border shifting, ground breaking or in any other way mind blowing performances of all sorts. All performances should be between 1 second and 20 minutes long.

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Open Call OT301

OT301 seeks Artist in Residence. 

Ongoing applicaiton. 

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Open Call Plantage Dok

Plantage Dok seeks Artist in Residence.

The artist receives use of a studio space of about 47m2 and a 12m2 bedroom space. The kitchen and sanitary facilities are communal. A broadband internet connection and a bicycle will be made available to the artist. There is only one guest artist at a time. The studio and sleeping space costs 550.-Euro /month. You can apply the whole year through and request a residency period from 2-5 months.

Ongoing application. 

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