Eglė Budvytytė

Eglė Budvytytė works at the intersection between visual and performing arts. She approaches movement and gesture as technologies for a possible subversion of normativity, gender and social roles and for dominant narratives governing public spaces. Her practice, spanning across songs, poetry, videos and performances, explores the persuasive power of collectivity, vulnerability and permeable relationships between bodies, audiences and the environments.

Eglė Budvytytė, photo by Marjolein Vogels

Song Sing Soil 2022

From 4 November to 2 December Egle Budvytyte occupied the Bau Studio working with songs as vehicles for spells and storytelling; looking into how voice, pitch, breath, rhythm, rhyme and repetition could be integral to the content. Exploring words as sonic pulsations resonating with and affecting the oscillations of the human nervous system. Looking, through the process of writing and singing, into the relationship between the body and the landscape, vulnerable presence, processes of decay and melodies as medicine.


Public sharing with Egle Budvytyte
Thursday, December 1 at 20.00 h, BAU Entrepotdok 4 Amsterdam

Reza Mirabi, MingJou Chen, Saule Maria Groenendaal
Choreographic advise 
Noha Ramadan
Sound design 
Thessa Torsing
Art direction 
Marija Olšauskaite




Song Sing Soil 2022, photo by Marija Olšauskaite

Tension, Stress and Trauma Release Exercises with Egle Budvytyte

Sunday, November 20 at 10:30h and 12:30h
BAU, Entrepotdok 4 Amsterdam
5 euro


Stemming from Egle’s interest in the human body and somatic practices, in recent years she has been studying the anatomy of trauma and the nervous system. This research informs the way Egle works with the voice, sound and image; reaching beyond cognitive systems of perception, she explores their potential resonance and visceral impacts. As part of this research, Egle has been training to become a TRE facilitator. TRE stands for Tension, Stress & Trauma Releasing Exercises. This is a specific set of simple exercises designed to trigger involuntary movements and tremors from within the body. These involuntary tremors help to reset the balance in our nervous system, releasing stress and tension stored in the body/mind, while practiced in a safe and supported environment. TRE is a simple and gentle, yet profoundly transformative somatic practice.


Egle will guide a group of 6-7 participants through this TRE practice, at the BAU studio on the 20th of November. There will be two sessions starting 10.30-12.00 and 12.30- 14.00.


The session will last circa 1.5 hours, including a short introductory conversation and time for rest and integration afterwards. Please wear comfortable clothes.


You can find more information about the TRE here

If you have any questions, you can reach Egle here