Open call BAU AIR 2023

Registration for BAU AIR 2023 is now open

BAU AIR is a tailored four-week residency for independent makers in the performing arts that focuses on artistic research, in-depth exploration, and experimentation. During this residency, artists from the broad field of dance and performance, are given time and space to explore new working methods, explore topics in depth and/or establish collaborations in the research phase of a new project.
Until 15 December 2022, you can submit your research proposal by filling in the form below. In it, we will ask about your background as a performing artist and your idea for the content of the residency. BAU is not only an organization that stimulates the development of performing arts but also a meeting place for the scene and interested parties. We therefore ask you to include in your application ideas for making connections in the city with organizations and/or professionals. And in what way you would like to invite the public (informally). The maximum size of your complete application is 1 GB.
In 2023, we have space for two BAU AIR residencies. We will announce the selected residents in January.
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Who is BAU AIR for?
BAU AIR is meant for independent creators in the broad field of dance and performance who live in the Netherlands. The residency is preferably for mid-career* performing artists who step off the beaten path and are motivated to contribute to the meeting place that is BAU. BAU encourages performing artists from different cultural and artistic backgrounds to apply, including those who work in crossovers with, for example, mime, visual art and musical theater.

* See for an explanation of the term the FAQ’s below

Are you structurally connected to a subsidized (production) company? Then this residency is unfortunately not meant for you.
Scheduled dates residencies 2023
26.05 – 23.06
03.11 – 01.12
What does BAU AIR offer?
* An independent research period of 4 weeks in the BAU Studio (10m x 14m).
* A fee of € 4,000 excl. VAT for the applicant creator. This fee includes any travel, accommodation and material costs, additional hiring technique other creators/collaborators and should not overlap with other funding sources on your budget.
* A weekly lunch with the BAU-team
* Practical and artistic advices from BAU (if required).
* Production of small-scale events. A final presentation is an integral part of the residency. It’s also possible to organize other activities. Think for instance of a workshop, open studio, walk, lecture, etc.
* New contacts with professionals / organizations in the cultural field and a corresponding audience.
* Online visibility and new visual material.
About the BAU Studio
The studio space measures 10 by 14 meters. It’s equipped with a floating floor with dance vinyl, sound system, mirror wall and heating / air conditioning. The space can be darkened completely. Please note that there is no technical assistance available. If you need technical equipment or support, you must take care of it yourself.
Click here for info and pictures of the BAU Studio's 
How to apply
Once a year BAU launches an open call for research proposals. This year you can apply by filling out the application form until 15 December 2022, in Dutch or English. We ask for an introduction to you as a maker and your plan for the residency. Can you share with us the social and/or artistic value for your own practice and the scene of the performing arts? And how you’d like to invite the audience to share your findings? It is important that you submit a well-thought-out plan, including catchy visual material and describe in what way BAU can be of significance for your artistic development. It is not possible to fill out a form for multiple studies or combine studies for multiple projects. You can save the application form in the meantime and continue working on it later. 

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The selection
The BAU AIR team, together with two professional from the cultural arts field who rotates annually, selects three makers for a residency. In the selection we consider the artistic quality, the elaboration of the research plan and the urgency of the plan for the maker and the cultural field.
The BAU residents will be announced in January 2023. After this we invite them for an introductory meeting in which we go over the plans again and tailor the residency to their needs.
Questions? Please contact BAU at

BAU AIR 2023 Team

Ambassadors: Andrea Božic, Rieke Vos, Dries Verhoeven

Selection committee: Selm Merel Wenselaers, Artun Alaska Arasli, BAU team

Artistic leader/curator: Eva Villanueva

Financial direction: Karin van den Berg

Publicity officer: Bea Correa & Iris Peters

Production: Marjolein Vogels


Can you apply when you don't live in the Netherlands but work here?
This residency is only for makers who live in the Netherlands. We understand that you may have an internation working area, and sometimes work in the Netherlands, but for this residency it's necessary that you live in the Netherlands. Also to support the meeting place that BAU is. 

What exactly does mid-career artist mean?
The term mid-career relates to the stage in your work as an independent maker. A mid-career maker who wants to be considered for the BAU residency has in recent years found a clear artistic direction in which he/she/x wants to explore further. He/she/x has at least 4 projects in his/her own name or realised on his/her own initiative with project grants. And/or as a guest for a professional company/festival. Or if he/she/x has demonstrable similar experience in the field.


What is part of the fee?
The fee of € 4.000 excl. VAT is to be spent as you choose and includes travel, accommodation and material costs, hiring of technology and other creators/employees. It is not possible to receive an allowance for travel, accommodation or material costs on top of this fee from BAU. And your research at BAU may not overlap with other funding sources on your budget. 


Can you arrange accommodation in Amsterdam for me and/or co-workers?
No, unfortunately we cannot.

I want to send additional information, is that possible?
It is not possible to send additional information after submitting the form. Only complete applications will be processed.


What if I unexpectedly must break off the residency in the interim? Can I come back later?
The selection for the residency is binding. In case of unexpected situations, we will discuss the possibilities, but it is not guaranteed that you can finish the same residency later in the year. 


What do you mean by a final presentation?
By this we mean a presentation to an audience of which the form and content is free. Think for example of a lecture performance about your research results, a conversation with an inspirator you consulted or a performance. The presentation can take place inside or outside, at BAU or if possible, at a city partner.

Am I required to give a final public presentation?
The BAU AIR program encourages knowledge exchange and meeting with an audience. Therefore, the final presentation is a regular part of each BAU AIR residency.

What if I received a project subsidy from the AFK, can I combine it with the residency?
It is possible to combine, if the AFK and BAU know about this and your BAU AIR research does not overlap with other funding sources.

Can I apply more than once per application round?
No, we would like to receive one project proposal per application round. It is not possible to combine multiple research proposals within one application.

Will I receive feedback on my application if it is rejected?
Unfortunately, this is not an option, due to the large number of applications we expect.

Can I invite people to collaborate on my residency?`
Yes, you can collaborate with dancers, performers, a composer, musician, dramaturg etc. The costs are at your own expense, there is no additional fee from BAU.