The pilot edition of BAU AIR² with Vera Tussing and Astrit Ismaili has come to an end. At the moment we are evaluating the duo residency program and come back to you with more info about a possible follow up. To be continued!

Pictures Marjolein Vogels

BAU AIR² is a tailor-made residency for professionals in dance and performance art. For a period of 1 to 2 months, an international and a local artist work simultaneously on the continual development of their own artistic idea. Vera Tussing (BE) and Astrit Ismaili (NL) kick off the residency programme. From 9 November to 6 December 2020 the BAU Studios will be their temporary home for research, in-depth knowledge exchange and experiment.
BAU AIR² is an initiative of BAU platform for dance and performance. The BAU AIR² Team (Marjolein Vogels, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Iris Peters, Eva Villanueva) works closely together with coach Erik Hagoort, the Veem House for Performance and Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond. In addition, the carefully composed AIR Pool serves as a sounding board. This diverse group of art professionals includes Priscilla Macintosh, Janneke Raaphorst, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Setareh Fateh Irani, Richard John Jones, Annechien van Litsenburg, Christian Guerematchi and Clara Amaral.
Residency programme @BAU
Apply with your full name and phone number via for each part of the programme you'd like to join. 

24/11 Open studio's Astrit Ismaili and Vera Tussing with Ben McEwen and Yoh Morishita.
15.00 - 18.00 hrs, free entrance
BAU AIR² Open Studio's is a great change to meet both the artists, Vera Tussing and Astrit Ismaili, and find out more about the projects they're working on. Vera invites Ben McEwen and Yoh Morishita to join her open studio. Astrit asked Michele Abolaffio to participate in his.

Practical info:
We'll work with time slots. Every hour (15.00, 16.00 and 17.00 hrs) we invite a group of max 12 people to join the Open Studio's.  When you sign-up it's possible to indicate which time slot you prefer or at which moment you are unable to join the Open Studio's. We'll make sure it's all Covid-19 proof.

27/11 Workshop Choreographing / Dancing Touch by Vera Tussing.
10.00 - 12.00 hrs € 10,-
For this workshop Vera Tussing will give several short insights into her choreographic practice on tactility, consent and collectivity. She will invite the participants both to explore physically as well as engage in discussions. All explorations will be done in accordance with the current safety guidance.

28/11 Workshop Creative when Limited by Astrit Ismaili.
10.00 - 16.00 hrs € 15,-
Note: We have changed the dates: from 28 & 29 november into 28 november only. The price for the workshop is now € 15,-

‘Creative when Limited’ is a two days workshop that focuses on the possible becoming states that the body can achieve within restrictive situations. Adding restrictions to the body will directly affect the movement, but will also extend the possibilities to explore new ways of interacting with the space and the other parts of their body that aren’t limited. The limitation will be the starting point of the workshop, but the main focus will be invested in the freedom that you can find within limitation. The workshop is part of Astrits recent performance project ‘MISS’ which deals with the same topic. An important element of the project is reflecting on particular historical events that directly relate with the notion of the workshop.

4/12 Closing presentation BAU AIR² with Vera Tussing and Astrit Ismaili
Rode Zaal Brakke Grond, Nes 45 Amsterdam
19.30 – 21.00 hrs. The program is free of entrance.
Register via

You are very much welcome at the closing presentation of BAU AIR². Choreographer Vera Tussing and performance artist Astrit Ismaili dedicated the past few weeks to research, experiment and in-depth conversations. For a month they worked in the studios of BAU on the further development of their current project. Astrit researched the functioning of a new wearable instrument for part two of his opera MISS and Vera delved deeper into the meaning of touch and closeness in (dance) performances for her upcoming book. In the final presentation they show their work with film, part of a performance, a manifesto and an interactive reading of some research texts. 

Astrit is accompanied by sound designer Michele Abolaffio and filmmaker Ana Plowden. Vera is supported by many of her colleagues at distance including Elvira Crois, Yoh Morishita, Ben McEwen, Michael Picknett, JS Rafaeli and Julia Rubies Subiro. Afterwards, a substantive discussion takes place under the guidance of Charmy Rose.

About the artists

The Brussels-based Vera Tussing and Amsterdam-based Astrit Ismaili are the first residents of BAU AIR². As a choreographer, Vera focuses on the meaning and use of touch and proximity in dance performances. Between the performers and the performers and the audience. As a performance artist Astrit is interested in adding new qualities to the human body. With alter egos, body extensions and portable musical instruments, he investigates the differences between natural and artificial, body and mind, self-development and outer design.
Vera Tussing about her residency
"Beating, stroking, squeezing, scraping, holding, lifting - there are countless ways to define touch. But these adjectives are only the rudimentary beginning of a descriptive lexicon to convey moments when touch takes place," Vera writes in her proposal for the residency. During her stay she continues to work on her book 'Choreographing Touch' in which she searches for an appropriate vocabulary to interpret the many different ways and forms of touch and proximity. "What I am trying to create is a conceptual vocabulary to understand how touch works within the performance, in the creative process and in training".
Vera involves in her residency researcher/author Elvira Crois, dancer/teacher/choreographer Ben McEwen, Yoh Morishita and artist Julia Rubies.
Bio Vera Tussing
Vera Tussing graduated from the London Contemporary Dance School and worked as a dancer, director and chorographer in Europe and Canada. After a commission from the Royal Opera House, Trilogy, a collaboration with Albert Quesada, appeared in 2011. This was followed by the sound installation Sound Bed (2011), and the performances You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet (2012) and T-Dance (2014). The Palm of Your Hand premiered in 2015, followed by Mazing (2016). In 2017 The Palm of Your Hand was made accessible to the blind and visually impaired, and performed as The Humane Body Project at ImPulsTanz (Vienna), Kaaitheater (Brussels) and The Place (London). This version premiered in CND, Paris. Two, a duet in collaboration with Esse Vanderbruggen appeared at Kaaistudio (Brussels) in 2018.
Astrit Ismaili about their residency
The pop operetta MISS' brings three historical persons or occurrences to life. The first 'The First Flower' symbolises the evolution from the first plant to flowering plants and the associated change in their reproductive process. The second is Cicciolina, a public figure from the 80's whose career evolved from porn star to pop musician, politician and member of the Italian Parliament. The third is 'Miss Kosovo', a fictional figure inspired by Kosovo's transition as part of Yugoslavia to an independent state. There is no direct historical link between the three characters, but they share similar circumstances. All three have experienced the creativity that arouses from restrictive circumstances.
In their residency Astrit investigates the follow-up of MISS'. They intend to develop and test three new wearable instruments and deepen their knowledge of sound design.
Bio Astrit Ismaili
Astrit Ismaili (born in Prishtina/Kosovo) is a performance artist living in Amsterdam. They graduated from the Master of Theatre programme at DasArts. Received the Young Visual Artist Award in 2011 and were a resident at ISCP in New York. Their work has been exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, at S.A.L.T.S. Basel, KW Institute for Contemporary Art Berlin, Kunstverein Amsterdam, Salzburger Kunstverein, at Robert Grunenberg Berlin, Juliette Jongma Amsterdam, Frascati Theater Amsterdam, Korzo Theater The Hague, Spielart festival Munich, and the Kaserne Theater in Basel. Astrit was co-organiser of the performance manifestation 'Prishtine Mon Amour' and of a number of Lost & Found events in Amsterdam.
Pilot edition
This first BAU AIR² is a pilot edition. BAU focuses on professionals based outside the Netherlands who work in the field of dance, performance and physical theatre. In particular, BAU offers a research place to artists who create interdisciplinary work and have a hybrid practice. Dancers, artists, dramaturgists, choreographers and related professionals with diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds, who like to keep on deepening their knowledge and require space for experimentation and research. We prefer to invite an artist who likes to connect with the city, strives to make new relevant contacts and is open to an encounter with the audience.
Parallel to the stay of the international guest, BAU offers a work period to a local maker. This happens by invitation: if the international creator is known, BAU and partners in their network will look for a suitable match. They focus on a talented maker who is not structurally supported by a development institute or company.
In selecting both, BAU pays attention to artistic quality, profundity, sense of urgency (subjects that are currently relevant both in the Netherlands and in the guest's home country) and the experiment.

The pilot edition will be evaluated afterwards. As soon as we know if and when we will continue the residency programme, we will inform you in our newsletter.

Vera Tussing, Danni Willems
Astrit Ismaili, Nikola Lamburov