Activities BAU

Innovation and development


  • BAU Labs: BAU organizes laboratory projects that are aimed at independent makers and their interdisciplinary practice. Usually in co-production with other initiatives/organizations in the city.
  • BAU AIR: BAU is currently developing and setting up an International Artist in Residence for dance and performance in Amsterdam.
  • BAU Try-outs: BAU makes it possible for Amsterdam dance and performance makers (also for structural subsidized companies) to present a try-out of their latest work to independent makers. Are you interested in giving such a try-out and would you like more information? Send us an email.
  • Come Together: BAU co-produces with Theater Frascati, Nicole Beutler Projects and NeverLike an annual event named Come Together. During this event work in progress from independent makers who live/work in Amsterdam can be seen.
  • We Live Here: BAU co-produces the summer academy We Live Here that takes place during the Julidans festival. An event initiated by Nicole Beutler, Marijke Hoogenboom and Andrea Bozic, where (stage) artists and other creatives can meet to work together and exchange knowledge.
  • Ocassional Co Productions: BAU organizes non-regular projects for talent development in co-production with partners such as Veem House for Performance.  




  • BAU website: We have an informative website for and about the Amsterdam independent dance and performance scene.
  • The Dance and Performance Agenda: On our website we maintain a complete online agenda with all dance and performance activities in Amsterdam. Do you want to have your event placed in our agenda? Send an email to
  • BAU Meetings: Meetings organized for the Dutch (independent) dance and performance network. Here the current state of the dance and performance arts is discussed. The meeting provides opportunities to share ideas and exchange expertise so BAU can actively contribute to bring about change. 
  • Advice/Information: BAU gives advice to/about independent makers in all sorts of areas. Personal or through lectures. BAU also does the lobby in the politics for this group.
  • Think Tank/Research: BAU also fulfills a Think Tank function when it comes to the development of dance and performance in Amsterdam.
  • Agency: BAU is developing a plan for an impresario/production agency that can sell and/or produce the work of independent makers. Here you can find more info about the project. Would you like to contribute to the project? Please fill in this survey.


Studio facility


  • BAU STUDIOS: BAU manages two studios for rehearsals of dance and theater projects with a focus on the independent dance and performance. BAU makes its studios available to Amsterdam based independent makers at a reduced rate.