Activities BAU

In addition to representing Amsterdam’s independent dance and performance scene, offering advice, renting out two rehearsal studios, and being a think-tank, BAU organises a range of activities. These activities are aimed at strengthening networks, facilitating independent dance makers and stimulating exchange. Herewith a list of these activities.

  • The BAU website: An informative website for and about the independent dance and performance scene. On the website you will also find a calender with all the dance & performance events in Amsterdam (per 4 weeks). Would you like to add your event to our Calendar? Please send us an email with the reference 'Calendar'.
  • The Dance and Performance Agenda: BAU is initiating the start of a complete online agenda of all dance and performance activities in Amsterdam. This agenda will be made in cooperation with the other Amsterdam-based dance companies and theatres.
  • BAU Meetings: BAU organizes bi-monthly meetings for the independent dance and performance network. During the meetings the recent state of affairs of the dance and performance arts are discussed and space is provided for a robust exchange of ideas. BAU has the capacity to put active effort into facilitating change. Every BAU meeting is organized by one of the BAU team members.
  • BAU Labs: BAU organises lab-projects focused on independent makers and their interdisciplinary practice. Those labs will often be in co-production with other initiatives/organisations in the city such as Splendor Amsterdam. Team BAU Labs: Keren Levi, Michael Jahoda, Marion Traenkle, Orion Maxted, Eva Villanueva.
  • BAU Try-outs: It is possible for Amsterdam-based dance and performance makers (as well as structurally subsidised companies) to offer a try-out of their newest work to other independent makers. The ‘audience’ (comprised of dance- and performance makers) is invited via the mailing list of BAU and accepted on a first-come/first-served basis. Each maker can decide in advance how many people they would like to invite to their try-out. If you are interested in offering a try-out and want more information, please send us an e-mail.
  • COME TOGETHER: Together with Theater Frascati, Veem House for Performance, NBprojects, TILT, and NeverLike, BAU produces a yearly event where work from independent makers who live, work, and/or are educated in Amsterdam is shown.
  • WE LIVE HERE: BAU co-produces the summer academy, We Live Here, which takes place during the Julidans festival. An event initiated by Nicole Beutler, Marijke Hoogenboom and Andrea Bozic, where artists from the (performing)arts can meet each other to work together and exchange knowledge.
  • BAU Co Working Space: January 22nd 2018 the BAU Co-Working Space has been openend. A communal working spacefor independent makers who are related to the Amsterdam dance and performance field. In 2018 the BAU Co-Working Space was situated within Dansmakers, the dance production house in Amsterdam Noord. At the moment BAU is looking for a new location. Team BAU Co-Working Space: Riccardo Guratti, Eva Villanueva.
  • Dance Productiehouse 2.0: In collaboration with the parties Veem House for Performance, Dansmakers, ICK, ISH and HNB, BAU is working on a plan for a new dance production house model for the city of Amsterdam. Team Production House 2.0: Michael Jahoda, Orion Maxted, Marjolein Birds, Eva Villanueva.
  • Tax Together: Together with SMartNL BAU organises a Tax Together meeting every quarter year. SmartNL is a non-profit organisation which offers solutions and service to creatives and professionals who are working on a project-based level in the cultural sector. These sessions will be moderated by a tax-specialist and will offer independent makers the opportunity to do their tax returns together with colleagues, in a "fun" setting.
  • BAU Agency: BAU is in the process of setting up an agency that can sell the work of independent makers as well as assist in the production. At the beginning of 2017 we want to initiate a research group to look into the necessary requirements and the way to best realise this. Are you interested in joining this think-tank? Send us an e-mail.
  • Residence places: In the future BAU would like to offer studio space to foreign independent makers to use during their residence in Amsterdam.
  • BAU Card: BAU is in the process of bringing into effect a discount card for dance and performance professionals so that they can attend theatres with a discount.