About BAU

BAU is thé platform for the independent dance and performance scene in Amsterdam. BAU provides three main tasks:
- representation of the independent dance and performance makers for policymaking
- Artistic development for young ánd proven talent
- studio facility
Since its founding by independent makers in 2015, BAU has been committed to filling gaps and developing new formats to give the Amsterdam dance and performance field the tools to strengthen from the bottum up.
By doing this BAU gives the independent scene a face and thereby contributes to the development of the dance and performance arts in Amsterdam and beyond.


Organisation BAU

Daily direction: Eva Villanueva

Financial direction: Martha van Meegen 

Production/Financial direction assistent: Bibi Scholten van Aschat

Online Agenda: Michael Jahoda


BAU Commitee

Eva Villanueva, Julia Willms, Keren Levi, Marion Traenkle, Marjolein Vogels, Michael Jahoda, Nicole Beutler, Orion Maxted, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Susanne Marx


Board of directors BAU foundation

Nicole van Vessum, Jeroen Fabius, Bram de Jaeger