About BAU

Public space for innovative performing arts research and presentation 

BAU is a public, independent breeding ground for innovative makers in the performing arts. It covers the full breadth of the field of dance, performance and all kinds of crossovers with, for example, music, visual art and architecture. BAU initiates a varied program of activities including residencies, labs and work-in-progress presentations. With this we make the development of exciting new work by artists accessible and visible to a wide audience.

For these activities BAU manages two studios in the Entrepotdok 4 building in Amsterdam. These studios are also available for rent with extra attractive rates for independent makers based in Amsterdam. 

As a member of the Creative Coalition, BAU is committed to the interests of the independent performing arts field.

Organisation BAU

Artistic leader/curator: Eva Villanueva
Financial direction: Marten Oosthoek (interim) 
Marketing/Communication: Iris Peters
Online Calendar: Michael Jahoda

Board of directors BAU foundation
Nicole van Vessum / chairman, Director of Theatre Festival De Parade
Jeroen Fabius / secretary, Artistic director DAS Choreography/Academie voor Theater en Dans
Sanne Boersma / treasurer, Financial director Nicole Beutler Projects

BAU has an advisory team comprised of independent makers in the field of dance and performing arts. Through regular consultation we stay informed about current events in the performing arts and are connected to a large network in the cultural field.

RSIN tax number: 8556 95 687
Chamber of Commerce: 64505774
Statutory name: BAU Foundation

The purpose of the foundation is: to produce and present artistic activities and events. The foundation aims to promote the performing arts in Amsterdam and beyond, including everything that is directly or indirectly related or beneficial to this, in the broadest sense. 

We endorse the Governance Code Culture
Remuneration policy according to the cao of Dutch dance.
The board is unremunerated.

Anbi form publication requirement 2021 (in Dutch)
Policy Plan 2021 (in Dutch)

Activities report 2020 (in Dutch)
Annual account 2020 (in Dutch)
Year report 2018
Year report 2019



The independent scene of Amsterdam
In addition to a number of structurally subsidized companies, Amsterdam has a large group of independent artists who work on a project base. Choreographers, performance makers and other independent professionals who work in the (performing) arts, such as dancers / performers, composers, musicians, dramaturges and light / sound designers. Many of them are educated in the internationally recognized, often interdisciplinary educational institutes in Amsterdam: The Academy of Theater and Dance (DAS Choreography, DAS Theater, SNDO, the Expanded Contemporary Dance, Mime, Production Performing Arts, Scenography, Design & Technology etc) and the ROC. In addition to courses such as the Conservatorium van Amsterdam, the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, the Rijksacademie of visual arts and the Sandberg Institute.
Together with the structurally subsidized companies, this group of artists forms the landscape and fertile soil in which art can thrive. This scene benefits from connecting activities, preventing fragmentation and increasing visibility. Often these artists (beginners, mid-careers and seniors) have a lot of knowledge and are the drivers of innovation in the performing arts scene.