About BAU

BAU is an organization/a platform for the independent dance and performance scene of Amsterdam. Our aim is to initiate activities, gather and disseminate information (local and national), bring people together, improve the conditions for this group, form partnerships with other cultural institutions/initiatives in the city and be a voice for the independent scene. With these activities we hope to contribute to the development of the dance and performance in Amsterdam and abroad.


BAU has two rehearsal studios for rent that offer space for the development of new dance and performance productions.

Since the beginning of 2018 BAU runs the BAU Co-Working Space, a communal workspace for independent professionals who are connected to the Amsterdam dance and performance field.


Organisation BAU

Daily direction: Eva Villanueva

Financial direction: Saskia van der Kroef

Production/Financial direction assistent: Bibi Scholten van Aschat

Production Assistant: Michael Jahoda


BAU Commitee

Eva Villanueva, Giulio D'Anna, Julia Willms, Keren Levi, Marion Traenkle, Marjolein Vogels, Michael Jahoda, Nicole Beutler, Orion Maxted, Riccardo Guratti, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Susanne Marx


Board of directors BAU foundation

Nicole van Vessum, Jeroen Fabius, Bram de Jaeger